As a travel enthusiast, I've been fortunate enough to explore the world and meet people from various countries. In my interactions, I've come across some common opinions about what foreigners find annoying about Indians. I thought it would be interesting to share these observations with you all. It is important to note that these are merely opinions and do not necessarily represent the views of everyone. Nonetheless, it's always good to be aware of how others perceive us and perhaps learn from it. So, let's dive into the seven common annoyances that foreigners have about Indians.

1. Loud Conversations and Noisy Public Spaces

Indians are known for their exuberance and vivacity, but sometimes it can be a bit too much for foreigners. Many people I've spoken to find it annoying when Indians engage in loud conversations, especially in public spaces. Be it on the phone or in person, Indians tend to raise their voices, even if unintentionally. Moreover, our public spaces are often filled with noise - horns honking, loud music playing, and people shouting. While it may be a cultural norm for us, it can be off-putting for foreigners who are used to quieter environments.

2. Intrusiveness and Lack of Personal Space

Another aspect that foreigners find annoying is the intrusiveness of some Indians. We often ask personal questions, even if we've just met someone. This can be uncomfortable for people from countries where privacy is highly valued. Similarly, the concept of personal space seems to be different in India. In public places like buses, trains, or queues, people tend to stand very close to each other, which can make foreigners feel claustrophobic.

3. Haggling and Bargaining

While bargaining is a part of our culture and an essential skill for shopping in India, it can be annoying for foreigners who are not used to it. They may find it difficult to understand why they have to negotiate for everything, from buying souvenirs to hiring a taxi. Moreover, the aggressive bargaining tactics employed by some sellers can be off-putting and lead to uncomfortable situations for tourists.

4. Staring and Taking Pictures without Permission

Many foreigners have shared their discomfort with being stared at when they visit India. It's not uncommon for locals to stare at foreigners out of curiosity or fascination, but it can make them feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Additionally, some Indians have a habit of taking pictures of foreigners without their consent, which is considered rude and invasive in many cultures.

5. Unpunctuality and Time Management

Another common complaint from foreigners is the lack of punctuality in India. The concept of "Indian Standard Time" is well-known, and it refers to the tendency of Indians to be late for appointments, meetings, or events. While it may not bother us much, it can be frustrating for foreigners who are used to strict adherence to schedules and punctuality.

6. Littering and Cleanliness

Foreigners often find it annoying that some Indians litter and don't maintain cleanliness in public spaces. Despite the ongoing campaigns and efforts to improve cleanliness, littering remains a significant issue in India. Tourists find it disheartening to see garbage strewn around famous monuments and tourist attractions, which takes away from the beauty of these places.

7. Overcrowded Cities and Traffic

Last but not least, foreigners are often taken aback by the sheer number of people and vehicles in Indian cities. The overcrowded streets and traffic congestion can be overwhelming and stressful for those who are not used to it. Additionally, the lack of adherence to traffic rules and road safety measures can be both annoying and dangerous for foreign visitors.


These are some of the common annoyances that foreigners have about Indians. It's essential to remember that these opinions are based on individual experiences and do not represent the entire Indian population. However, being aware of these issues can help us improve our behavior and create a more pleasant experience for our foreign guests. After all, it's our responsibility to showcase the best of our country and its people to the world.

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