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Over a decade now, PANCARD has been assisting its Applicants to avail the benefits of Mediclaim, Life Insurance and Accidental Death Claim through various Insurance Companies. Many a times, it has been observed that due to the lack of knowledge (of Applicants and Marketing Persons) incomplete papers are submitted at the time of claim submission. This results in delayed claim settlements or claim rejections, in extreme cases, which causes anxiety to the Applicants and Marketing Persons.

Basic Rules:
  1. All papers submitted by the Applicant must be in original.
  2. The Applicant must enclose Xerox copy of PANCARD certificate which certifies him / her to be a bonafide PANCARD Applicant.
  3. The Applicant must submit, Annexure form duly filled in, signed and stamped by the treating Doctor of the Hospital, where the Applicant was admitted for treatment.
  4. The Applicant must fill in the Mediclaim form in his / her legible handwriting and sign on both sides mentioning the amount claimed for.
  5. Certificate of treatment and letter from Family Doctor advising the Applicant to get admitted to the Hospital is essential.
  6. Indoor case papers from the Hospital along with other information gathered during Hospitalization.
  7. Prescription from the Hospital’s Doctor.
  8. Medicine bills having patient’s name and Doctor’s name mentioned on it.
  9. The original reports and the bills of various tests conducted during the Hospitalization. Eg: Blood Test Report, X-ray Report, etc.
  10. The discharge card of the hospital mentioning the disease and the treatment given.
  11. At the time of getting discharge from the Hospital, bills having receipt numbers should contain all items which are billed.
  1. Hospital’s final receipt against bill payment, along with revenue stamp.
  2. Hospital’s receipt against any advance payment, received at the time of Hospitalization.
  3. In case of an accident, FIR and the medico-legal certificate issued by the Police authorities is a mandatory.
  4. In case during the course of the treatment if a patient is shifted from one hospital to another hospital the transfer certificate is most essential.
  5. All the above mentioned papers should be submitted to PANCARD CLUBS LIMITED office within 30 days of discharge from the hospital.
  6. The onus of acceptance or rejection of the claim solely lies with the management of the Insurance Company.
  7. Once the claim file is submitted to the Insurance Company, no changes can be done in the submitted details.
  8. Before submitting the claim file at PANCARD CLUBS LIMITED office, the Applicant is expected to keep a copy of all papers with him / her. No papers will be returned to the Applicant, in any circumstances.
  9. All the documents should be submitted / translated in English and / or Marathi.
  10. Intimation regarding hospitalization must be communicated through intimation form within 7 DAYS of the hospitalization on Fax No. : 022 – 66622770 / 12.