Accidental Death Claim

Pancard Clubs Ltd. besides offering Room Nights to its Applicant also offers Value Added Promotional benefits like Accidental Death Claims depending upon the Membership Amounts.

The Pancard Management Ties up with various leading Insurance Companies to offer the benefits to their Applicants.

The ADIC Policy is renewed yearly and after every 17th March, Applicant is requested to contact Pancard Insurance Dept.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The onus of sanctioning / rejecting the ADIC Claims totally depends on the Insurance Company. The Pancard Clubs Ltd does not have any right to sanction / reject claims.
  2. Pancard Clubs Ltd offers the ADIC benefits to its applicants (Free of Cost) as a matter of promotional activities; the company does not charge any premium to its applicants till the room night period gets over.
  3. Death Claim file should be submitted within 30 days from the Date of Accident at any Pancard Office.
  4. Following Death Claims will not be accepted:
    1. Suicide
    2. Consumption of Alcohol / Narcotics / Drugs.
    3. Natural Death.
    4. No Police FIR.
    5. No Post Mortem.
    6. Non Submission of Death Claim File at Pancard Office within 30 days from the Date of Accident.
  5. Please do not directly forward Death Claim File at Insurance Company Office.

Requirements for Accidental Claim:

Following papers are required for getting benefit of accident claims.

  1. The member has to enclose the certificate of him being a bonafide Pancard company member. (Xerox)
  2. The nominee/claimant should send an application informing the death of the person along with facts of the case.
  3. The claimant should fill the form in his own neat handwriting along with the signatures of the witness.
  4. Original death certificate of the person
  5. Post mortem report (8 pages report)
  6. Police jabab (Questionnaire report)
  7. FIR issued by the Police Authorities.
  8. Police Investigation / on the spot investigation
  9. Inquest report / after death report
  10. In case of accidental death the claimant/nominee is requested to furnish the details of the dead person’s daily routine, how he travels, where does he go and how did he reach the site of accident. etc.
  11. All the above authenticated documents should be submitted to the Pancard club office within 30 days of the death.


  1. Acceptance/rejection of the claims lies completely with the Insurance Company.
  2. The claimant/nominee is requested to apply for the new certificate to the Pancard Company.

Please note that the members name on all the documents should be same as that on the Pancard certificate.

NOTE : All the Above Mentioned Documents / Reports Must Get Attested By (S.E.O) & should be submitted within 30 Day’s from date of Accident / Incident.