Frequently Asked Questions
When was PANCARD Clubs Limited established?
PANCARD Clubs is a limited company. PANCARD Clubs Limited was registered under Registrar of Company's Act 1956 on 25th January 1997 (Registration No. 11/105363).
How many offices does the Company have?
The Company has offices in many States of India. The Registered and Corporate office is at: 110-116, Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan, Near Century Bazaar, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400 025. Telephone no.: 022 - 666 22 777. Fax: 022 - 243 23 876. E-mail: [email protected] The list of various branch addresses is available with our customer care department. All the offices of the Company are fully computerized. Modern Information Technology has been used to automate most of the important activities of the Company.
Which concept has been developed by PANCARD Clubs Limited?
Pancard Clubs Limited has developed the concept of Holiday Option.
What does Holiday Option mean?
Holiday Option is a novel concept in which an Applicant can obtain room nights in advance for a specific period. Therefore the company offers him low rates than the prevailing rates, at the Company's (own and it's affiliated) Clubs, Hotels and Resorts.
What are the benefits of Holiday Option?
The benefits of Holiday Option are as follows:
  1. The advance room nights obtained by the Applicant are at discounted prices offered by the Company; hence the rates are less than the prevailing tariff rates.
  2. During the tenure of the obtained Holiday Option, the rates at which the Room Nights are offered to the Applicant remain constant.
  3. The most important benefit is that the room nights are not lapsed, even if the Applicant doesn't partially or fully utilise the obtained room nights within the tenure of the Holiday Option. At the end of the tenure, the Applicant can surrender these room nights to the Company at the Estimated Surrender Value declared by the Company. The Estimated Surrender Value declared by the Company is dependent upon the market conditions in the hospitality industry at that time.
  4. Applicant can gift the obtained Room nights to his relatives and friends. Applicant can exchange the obtained room nights against Company's other products and services, e.g. Company's Clubs, Auditoriums, Conference Halls, Travel Services, etc. In this way, the Applicant can use their obtained Room Nights for availing alternate service, thereby getting value for money.
Who can apply for Holiday Options?
An Indian, who is not involved in any illegal matters, is eligible for applying for Holiday Option.
How can an Applicant use the Holiday Option?
An Applicant can use the Holiday Option in the following manner:
  1. After completion of 60 days from the date of obtaining Holiday Option, Room Nights can be utilized at any of the Company's Clubs and Hotels. Obtained Room Nights can also be gifted to relatives and friends.
  2. At the end of the tenure, the Applicant can surrender the unused room nights to the Company at the Estimated Surrender Value declared by the Company.
  3. The Applicant can avail following products and services against the Estimated Surrender Value of the Holiday Option;
    1. Software Programmes developed by the company.
    2. Company's Clubs, Auditoriums, Conference Halls, etc.
    3. Full / partial amount of unused room nights can be converted into live holiday option.
How to apply for holiday option?
The Applicant must submit Holiday Option form, duly filled in English CAPITAL letters in black ink at any of the PCL branches. Holiday Option application will not be accepted if the application form has alterations OR is overwritten OR is incomplete. The management has a right to reject any application.
What is meant by current tariff, offered price and surrender value payment?
Current tariff means prevailing charges of room night at Company's Clubs and Hotels. Offered price means, concessional charges offered to an applicant who applies to obtain the room nights in advance. Surrender value payment means prospective estimated charges of room night.
Which type of room is offered to an Applicant?
Applicant is offered a standard non-AC room for accommodating a couple and a child below 5 years of age. The Applicant can upgrade this offer to an AC Room by paying the differential amount, which must be paid before leaving the Club / Hotel.
What is the procedure for booking of room nights?
Procedure for booking of room nights is as follows;
  1. Applicant should contact the centralized hotel booking desk personally or through the marketing person.
  2. Applicant must submit duly filled in "Intimation for usage of room nights" form at the centralized hotel booking desk, 30-45 days (90 days during peak season) prior to the date of booking.
  3. If the rooms are available, booking is confirmed as per the Applicants requirement.
  4. Upon booking, confirmation voucher is handed over to applicant against copy of Membership Certificate.
From when can an applicant start using the obtained room nights?
An applicant can start using the obtained room nights after 60 days of membership commencement date.
Is it mandatory for an applicant to utilize the room nights during a particular period of the year?
Applicant can utilize the room nights anytime throughout the year.
Can the Applicant gift the obtained room nights?
Yes. The Applicant can gift the obtained room nights to their "Near and Dear" ones. At such instance, the company issues "Guest Confirmation Voucher" to the applicant, for which the applicant has to pay Rs. 150/- (subject to change).
What does "Near and Dear ones" mean?
Any close relative of the applicant is considered as "Near and Dear ones". Eg: Spouse, Parents, Children, relatives and friends.
Can the applicant get credit facility for food, beverages and other services at the Club / Hotel??
No, at the time of check out, the applicant must pay all dues against food, beverages and other services availed.
Does the applicant get concession on food and beverages at PANCARD Clubs / Hotels?
Applicant may avail discount upto 15% on food and non-alcoholic beverages.
What are the rules for cancellation of the booked room nights?
The rules for cancellation of booked room nights are as follows;
  1. Prior to 7 days from the booking date, 100% cancellation of booked room night and refund of amount, if any.
  2. Prior to 3 days and less than 7 days from the booking date, 50% cancellation of booked room nights and refund of amount, if any.
  3. Prior to 2 days from the booking date, 100 % deduction of booked room nights and amount, if any.
What is PANCARD?
The card which gives an applicant, concession on cash purchases from the shops associated with the Company is called PANCARD.
What is PANCARD directory?
PANCARD directory is a listing of shops and commercial outlets, where the Applicants are offered concessions on purchase of products and services provided by them. Percentage of discount at each of these outlets is mentioned in this directory. These outlets display a board stating, 'WE ACCEPT PANCARD'.
Is PANCARD valid all over India? What are the rules and regulations for obtaining concession?
Yes, PANCARD is valid all over the country and concessions can be availed from those shops and commercial outlets, with whom the Company has tied up. Following are the rules and regulations for obtaining concessions;
  1. Applicant must produce the PANCARD at the shops and commercial outlets at the time of making any purchase.
  2. If these outlets are listed in PANCARD directory, then the mentioned discount is offered to the applicant.
  3. Applicant must make a purchase of minimum Rs. 250/- for availing the concession.
  4. Concession is given on the MRP of the product and services.
  5. The benefit of this discount card cannot be clubbed with any of the existing offers.
Is the PANCARD directory available for all the Applicants?
PANCARD directory is made available to all the Applicants at reasonable rates at its branches.
Sometime, why do the listed shops and commercial outlets deny concession?
The shops and commercial outlets deny concession when;
  1. The Applicant does not produce PANCARD at the time of purchase.
  2. Any other offers or discounts are provided by the shops and commercial outlets.
  3. The employees at the shops and commercial outlets are not aware about the tie-ups done between the Company and their organization.
  4. The purchase is less than Rs. 250/-.
  5. The purchase is made through any other mode of payment other than cash. (E.g.: Debit / Credit Card, etc.)
Is thumb impression accepted instead of signature on the Holiday Option application form?
Yes, clear and visible thumb impression of the applicant is accepted on the Holiday Option form.
How does one get receipt against submission of Holiday Option form?
Upon submission of Holiday Option form at any PANCARD branches along with Room Night Payment through cash, cheque, demand draft, pay order, the Company issues receipt to the Applicant / Marketing Person.
Can applicant make payment through cheque for obtaining Holiday Option?
Yes, the applicant can make payment through cheque / demand draft / pay order for obtaining Holiday Option. The same should be drawn in favor of, "PANCARD CLUBS LTD." Applicant is eligible for availing the benefits of the obtained Holiday Option, subject to clearance of the instrument.
Outstation cheques are not accepted. Give an alternative for it.
For the convenience of the Applicant as well as the Marketing Persons, the Company has provided Bank accounts in various Nationalized and Private Banks in major cities. E.g.: Bank of Maharashtra, Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, ING Vysya, HSBC, etc. Complete details of the bank names along with the account numbers are available with the customer care department. Marketing Persons can directly deposit the Room Night Payment along with Administration Charges in the said bank accounts or can submit a demand draft in favor of "PANCARD CLUBS LTD".
What precautions should be taken while obtaining Holiday Option through cash?
At the time of submission of Cash along with Holiday Option form, the applicant / marketing person should ensure to collect, revenue stamp affixed (only above Rs. 5,000/-) receipt in original, duly signed and stamped by authorized representative of the Company. Company does not stand responsible for the payment, if the Applicant / Marketing Persons fail to immediately collect the receipt from the cash counter.
When does the Applicant get documents pertaining to acceptance of Holiday Option?
The documents pertaining to the acceptance of Holiday Option are issued to the Applicants within 45 days from submission of application. However, incase of high business volumes, the documents are issued within 60 days from submission of application.
What does Holiday Option document consist of?
Holiday Option document consists of the following; Membership Certificate Company Profile PANCARD (Discount Card)
Incase of applicant's death, who can avail the benefits Holiday Option?
It is mandatory for an applicant to mention the details of the nominee on the Holiday Option form at the time of submission. Incase of applicant's death, the estimated surrender value can be paid to the nominee as per the Membership Certificate. The nominee can also avail the following as per the terms and conditions of the obtained Holiday Option;
  1. Unused Room Nights.
  2. Medi+Claim and / or Accidental Death and / or Natural Death claim benefits, whichever is applicable.
  3. The nominated heir cannot transfer the insurance benefits in his/her name.
Can the applicant change or cancel the obtained Holiday Option?
Holiday Option once obtained, cannot be changed or cancelled. However, the applicant can utilize the obtained room nights by gifting them to his "Near and Dear ones".
Is the room night amount exempted from income tax?
The room nights amount paid to the company is not exempted from income tax.
Can the applicant exchange the Room Nights under Holiday Option for Company's Club Membership?
If the Applicant wishes to utilize the Club Membership Facilities for self, then the amount of estimated surrender value can be adjusted against the cost of Club Membership as per the ratio decided by the Company.
What are the different types of Club Memberships? Give details of the same.
Club Memberships are of following types;
  1. Individual Club Membership: Membership which can be availed by any person above 18 years of age for his / her personal use is called Individual Club Membership. Through this membership the member can utilize club facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, health equipments, Spa, etc. The member can also get benefit of discount on stay and restaurant facilities provided by the club.
  2. Couple Club Membership: Membership which can be availed by a married couple is called Couple Club Membership. Through this membership the member couple can utilize club facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, health equipments, Spa, etc. They can also get benefit of discount on stay and restaurant facilities provided by the club.
  3. Family Club Membership: Membership which can be availed by any person along with his / her spouse and two children below 18 years of age is called Family Club Membership. Through this membership all four members can utilize club facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, health equipments, Spa, etc. They can also get benefit of discount on stay and restaurant facilities provided by the club.
  4. Corporate Club Membership: Membership which can be availed by any Company for its employees (maximum 3 in number) along with their spouse and two children below 18 years of age is called Corporate Club Membership. Through this membership the nominated 3 employees of the Company along with their family can utilize club facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, health equipments, Spa, etc. They can also get benefit of discount on stay and restaurant facilities provided by the club.
  5. Senior Citizens' Club Membership: This Membership is for the couples above the age of 65 years. For all the above types of Club Memberships the Applicant needs to pay yearly membership fees. In addition to the above benefits, special programmes like music concert, festival and new year parties, etc are arranged for the members at the club.
What are the rules for enrolment of Marketing Person?
Any individual who is above 18 years of age and has minimum educational qualification as HSC or equivalent is eligible to get enrolled as Marketing Person.
What is the functionality of the Company?
PANCARD Clubs gives an opportunity to every individual to start a business without any capital investment. The Company functions on the concept of advance booking of room nights, through a network of Marketing Persons. At the time of enrolment the Marketing Person gets attached to a chain through his / her introducer (Senior Marketing Person). As the number of Marketing Person increases, the chain expands vertically and laterally. The Marketing Persons may work full time or part time with the Company and earn attractive amount of money. For the benefit of the Marketing Persons, several Seminars and Business Development Conferences are organized at various cities and at five star hotels at regular intervals.
Where does the Company have its own Clubs and Hotel? Give details of the same.
Panoramic Group of Companies owns Clubs and Hotels at various cities in India and Abroad. The Addresses of these properties are given below;
Hotel Sai Sahawas
Opposite Gondkar Complex,
Near Andhra Bank,
Pimpalwadi Road, Shirdi,
Maharashtra – 423109.
Telephone: 02423-2526363/4/5
Fax: 02423-2526366
Pancard Clubs
Baner Hill, Baner, Pune,
Maharashtra - 411 045.
Telephone: 020-66035000
Fax: 020-66035108
Hotel Sagar Kinara
5, Somwar Peth, Near Saraswat Bank,
Malwan, District - Sindhudurg,
Maharashtra – 416 606.
Telephone: 02365-252264
Fax: 02365-253910
Gracino Cottage
Near Kolwa Beach, Madgaon,
Goa - 403 708.
Telephone: 0832-2788787 / 2789022
Fax: 00832-2789021
Panoramic Resort
Mumbai Goa Road, Kalhe Village,
Near Karnala Birds Sanctuary,
Taluka - Panvel, District – Raigad,
Maharashtra - 410 221.
Telephone: 02143-226235
Fax: 02143-226150
Panoramic Sea Resort
Near Kadalpalam, Beach Road,
Kerala - 688 012.
Telephone: 0477-2251070
United-21, Thane
29, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg,
Gokul Nagart, Thane (West),
Maharashtra - 400 601.
Telephone: 022-41579999
Fax: 022-41579900
United-21, Mysore
43/A, B.N Road,
Hardinge Circle, Mysore,
Karnataka,- 570 001
Telephone: 0821-2522202/65
Fax: 0821-2565781
United-21, Hyderabad
Sona Arcade, 9-1-199 to 218,
St. Mary’s Road,
A.P - 500003
Telephone: 040-67338800-10
Fax: 040-67338812
United-21 Resort, Kodaikanal
Vipatty Road,
Telephone: 04542-241943/53
Fax: 04542-240775
United-21 Grassland, Kaziranaga
harmoti, Bagori Range ,

United States of America & New Zealand
Econo Lodge
2133 W Hanford Road,
Burlington, North Carolina - 27215.
Telephone: +1-336-227-1270
Fax: +1-336-227-1702
United Inn
1308, Barkley Road,
North Syracuse, New York - 13212.
Telephone: +1-315-451-1212
Fax: +1-315-453-8050
Georgian Resort and Conference Center
384 Canada St.,
Lake George, New York – 12885.
Telephone: +1-518-668-5401
Toll Free: 1800-525-3436
Fax: +1-518-668-5817
Clarion Inn
240 E Hines Hill Road,
Hudson, Ohio – 44226.
Telephone: +1-330-653-9191
Fax: +1-330-656-0048
Baymont Inn and Suites
2001 Veasley St.,
North Carolina – 27407.
Telephone: +1-336-294-6220
Fax: +1-336-291-4463
Sai Motels,
385, Great South Road, Green Lane,
Auckland, New Zealand.
Telephone: +64-9-579-6063
Fax: +64-9-575-4021
What other benefits does the applicant get along with the obtained room nights?
Along with obtained room nights, the applicant shall be eligible for various insurance benefits like Mediclaim, Life Insurance and Accidental Death Insurance from leading insurance companies, based on the type of Holiday Option opted for.
Give more details about the Insurance benefits.
For more details about Insurance benefits, please see Insurance section on page number <____>.
What are the other businesses of Panoramic Group of Companies?
Panoramic Group of Companies is a diversified multinational conglomerate engaged in the businesses of hospitality, travel & tourism and information technology. The Group has extensive geographical presence, with its footprints across India, USA and New Zealand. Companies under the Group’s flagship are Panoramic Universal Limited, Future Travels, Panoramic Holidays and Panoramic Tours & Travels.
Panoramic Universal Limited

Panoramic Universal Limited is listed with Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Following businesses are done under Panoramic Universal Limited;

  • Software Development: The Company undertakes projects for developing softwares for varied Industries.
  • Pan-Ad: The Company undertakes outdoor and in-house advertising projects for various brands.

Panoramic Holidays Limited
  • Panoramic Holidays Limited is the best value timeshare organization which is firmly progressing to became world’s Number 1.
  • A family holiday, at a specific place, for a specific period, for a specified number of years, against one time initial payment and payment of annual maintenance fee means timeshare.
  • Panoramic Holidays Limited offers following products;

Magic Holidays
  • Owning a Holiday in advance, at today’s price.
  • Life membership of 25 years for a couple and children below 12 years of age.
  • Entitles the member for a week’s holiday at more than 6000 resorts.
  • An affordable way to holiday with your family.
  • Flexible. Can be gifted or rented.
  • Accommodations offer better amenities.
  • Maintenance costs of the amenities is shared by all members.
  • Membership can be passed to ones heirs.
  • Suitable for yearly breaks from busy schedules.
  • Flexible schemes.
Magic Getaways
  • Booking of Holidays at fully furnished accommodations.
  • Booking on weekly increments, Eg: 6 nights / 7 days or for a fraction of the cost of the actual price.
  • The customers can make use of this advance booked Holidays for them or rent it to others.
  • Member can utilize the Holiday plan during any season of the year.
  • Members can choose any destination of their choice.
  • Easy reservations.
  • Flexible Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs).

For more details about Panoramic Holidays Limited, visit


Panoramic Holidays Ltd., 4/A Gansiddhi Vinayak CHS, Dilip Gupte Marg, Opp. Goa Portuguesa Hotel Lane, Mahim, Mumbai - 400 016.
Tel No.: 022 661 71 900.

Panoramic Tours and Travels Limited
  • Panoramic Tour & Travels is an IATA approved travel agency, specialized in arrangement of Customized Tours, fixed departures for domestic international tours, etc.
  • Following services are offered by Panoramic Tours and Travels;
    1. Ticketing
    2. Travel insurance
    3. Foreign exchange
    4. Visa Assistance
    5. Pass port Services

For more details about Panoramic Tour and Travels Ltd. visit


Panoramic Tour and Travels Ltd, Shop no 15, Navbhavana Co Hsg Soc, Close to Siddhivinayak Mandir, Below Rajshree Production, Prabhadevi, Dadar (West), Mumbai - 400025. Tel No.: 022 - 43413400 / 14.